So. I currently have 2 fuckbuddys. I’m monogamous by nature, but only really in the context of a loving relationship. My fuckbuddys are friends with benefits, not boyfriends. One of them (lets call him Kristos) is a good friend first and foremost, and a source of carnal pleasure second. The second one, Mike, is a bit of a weird one, so lets focus on that for now.

Mike and I are not exactly what I’d call friends, in fact the only thing that separates ours from a boy/girlfriend dynamic is the infrequency of our rendezvous and the complete lack of communication between them. We really struggle to communicate verbally, though neither of us are sure why it’s so hard. We met at a fetish club, matchmade by my friend who thought us well matched intellectually (she was right). He is a Dom and I am a sub and when we are together in private that is our cornerstone. In public we are merely two people who know each other, affection is not allowed.

He’s good in bed, a ‘giver’ (he gets off and watching girls cum more than anything else) though not forthcoming with giving head 😦 Apparently he just doesn’t like it that much. He’s not so keen on receiving head either, as he says that it’s enjoyable up to a point but he finds himself wanting to just brutally skull-fuck after not very long at all. I’m not mad-keen on skullfucking, despite the horny brutality of it, so I don’t press the matter. I’ve never seen him cum, which is a bit disappointing, but I’m fairly sure it’s not my fault. We’ve talked about it a little and I do wonder why, but then again I noticed he was using Performa condoms last time (I noticed because my lips went numb after going down on him post-coitus!)

My only real complaint about Mike in the bedroom is his restricted libido. I will happily fuck any time of the day or night but Mike only seems to allow sex within a specific time-slot of an evening. If it’s past midnight I’ve got no chance. Despite my gentle administrations to his morning glory I find my hand being removed and  playfully admonished. What’s a girl to do?

Kristos is a lot easier to introduce. We’ve been friends for just over 8 months, met through mutual friends. We’re both quite flirty people and we both enjoy drinking. We’ve got a lot of shared friends and go to many of the same social events so there’s plenty of opportunity for mutual flirting. After a long while I was the first to broach the subject of our increasing sexual tension, using that most cowardly of methods: the drunken-late-at-night text message! I asked him if he’d like to introduce some fucking to our friendship, he said he’d be happy with that. Sorted. (Incidently, after our first interlude I remarked that I was very happy that I’d finally asked him to which he replied that he would have asked me eventually, when he’d worked out something a little more poetic than “fancy a fuck?”)

Unfortunately for me, Kristos is getting it left, right and centre at the moment, popular boy that he is, so sex is sadly irregular. He’s another giver, more so even than Mike, making girls cum is his ‘thing’. Unlike Mike though, he loves giving head and -boy!- is he good at it! We don’t really have any Dom/sub elements to our interactions (probably because of our friendship) though he will usually put a hand round my throat or deliver a bit of a spanking.

I do actually want a boyfriend, a committed, loving relationship, but I don’t want to be blinded by horniness into one, which makes fuckbuddys the perfect solution in the interim.

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