It’s important to be accurate

I accidentally called my ex (Drake) yesterday. I was trying to call his housemate but used the wrong number. I was fairly quick to get off the phone once I’d realised my mistake, and as much as I’d like to think we’re on good terms I am definitely avoiding him. I’ve removed him from my Facebook feed (along with his new girlfriend – it was becoming tiresome) and I’m glad that he doesn’t come out much.

To be entirely honest, we were never exactly the best of mates, we don’t have a huge amount of common ground. Lovely guy, but fairly immature/dim and I cannot bear someone who tries to maintain a dominance over me (he’s a Dom) when I know they couldn’t even spell it. In the bedroom, however, boy did we make that work! Our libidos were well matched, a pleasant surprise for both of us to find someone who could keep up and be creative.

Reflecting on why I’m avoiding him I came to the following conclusions:

  • I miss having a boyfriend.
  • I miss fucking Drake.

But, and this is important

  • I don’t miss Drake being my boyfriend.
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