Reading between the bristles.

A little while back Mike left a toothbrush in my bathroom. He didn’t ask, I just noticed it there one day. Am I the only one who has to take a deep breath when these things occur? To me it seems like quite a stereotypically commitment-type thing. Anyway, I took a deep breath and put my logical head on. It makes sense, and actually the fact that he hadn’t asked made it much more likely it was a matter of convenience (though who carries a spare around?!)

However odd that might have been, it’s sudden disappearance seems even odder! Mike came over a couple of evenings ago, beat me for a while with a belt which he discovered he quite likes and then took me out to dinner. Unfortunately time had slipped by on us a little and the restaurants were all closed. We bought some take out and wine and headed home again.

He sat on the sofa reading a book of mine that he’d found while I waited on him before sitting on the floor by his feet to eat myself. He wasn’t silent by any means, snippets of conversation were had, I didn’t feel ignored and once I’d finished eating I picked up my own book. Occasionally he would idly stroke my hair or rub his foot up and down my back. It was blissful if I’m honest: really relaxing. I felt the idle affection fill a whole that’d been eating at me for a while. By the time I had gotten tired and asked him to take me to bed it was half midnight – past the hour of sexual gratification and I wasn’t that annoyed. We curled up in bed and although I thought the lack of sex might keep me up it didn’t. We slept deeply, with his arms wrapped around me, holding me close (not always easy to do – I sleep like a spider).

In the morning I got up briefly to provide him with a cup of hot chocolate (odd morning request, that) and saw him out of the door with a peck on cheek and a “Have a nice day at the office, dear!” Later on while getting myself ready for work, I notice his toothbrush gone. What does that mean? Was it all too relationship-y the night before? Has that scared him? Or did he just need his toothbrush back? He seemed perfectly happy as he left but then he has a history of not telling me how he really feels.

I guess I shall have to wait and see if this is a significant toothbrush event.

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