Finding a girl for him.

Since the beginning of our liaisons Mike has been asking me to recruit a female plaything for us to share. I told him I would try, but for some reason I haven’t really. I’m not sure why, he’s the perfect candidate to do something like this with as I don’t want to mess around with such things when in a serious, commited relationship for fear of screwing it up. He’s assured me that I would be his queen, the most cherished by far in any future couplings and I think I believe him.

How do you catch a girl for such encounters though? I’m not entirely inexperienced in courting women, though courting them from within a ‘couple’ is definitely a new thing for me. I’m worried I’ll do it wrong, and I’m worried they won’t like Mike – that would be very tricky.

Mike hopes that we can use the scenario to bring out the hidden Domme-y depths he believes I have. Yes, I can be cruel and mean, though I’m not sure I should be in such a context, I’m not sure I can trust it. I think my desire to find out coupled with my desire to please him will override those particular insecurities though. Any other doubts have to be put to one side, as has been made clear through a succession of beatings and very commanding words.

The practicalities are my hurdle now. Where do you find the right girl? How exactly do you broach the subject? I’ve a feeling this could take a while…

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