Retracting the Fuck from Fuckbuddy.

Kristos has a girlfriend! I’m much more pleased for him than I thought I’d be, which is a nice surprise. Kristos and I had not been exploring each other’s pants for a while now, and I think our friendship is more to blame than anything else. How possible is it to maintain a good friendship and sex without it becoming a relationship? Surely that’s what a boy/girlfriend is? On reflection, fuckbuddies should be kept at arms length socially speaking, thus making space for the ‘bootie-call’ and the slightly illicit thrill of a quick hook-up. After all, isn’t the fuckbuddy concept designed to avoid the need for the string of one-night stands that was once all that was available to those wanting regular sex with no commitment? The option that meant you didn’t have to learn a different set of likes/dislikes each time you needed to get your rocks off? The sort of consistency we come to expect from our hands or vibrators but with the added bonus of a cuddle afterwards is what makes a fuckbuddy so appealing. However, sleeping with your best friend is much more relationshipsville, no matter what either of you intend.

So the post of my fuckbuddy is available to the ideal candidate again, unless Mr Right stumbles across my path. That could happen, right?

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