Never the same message twice.

So lets start with Dateboy. After the washout that was our evening in I have been very careful to stay on the right side of ‘friends’. He’s pretty darn text-happy which I can cope with, and mostly we will exchange several texts a day at various levels of entertaining. One evening however, his messages take on a distinctly flirty tone leaving me a little confused and I let him know as such. After a huge pause I get one of the longest text messages I’ve ever received telling me how he’s not ready for a girlfriend, and doesn’t want to choose between friendship and sex, but the idea of ‘friends who occasionally have sex’ is something that he could work with. This was all followed with the fear that on the back of this message I would never speak to him again! Ha! He obviously still doesn’t know me very well.

I responded to let him know that the last option was the most agreeable to me, and that it would be nice to be able to explore each others pants again, and that I had no desire for a boyfriend either just yet thankyouverymuch.

That settled, I started to look forward to having an enjoyable fuckbuddy relationship with this charming gent who apparently considered me really rather sexy, smart and funny. *blush*

I invited him to join my friends and I for a local pub quiz which was all good fun and he got on well with the group which was gratifying. Unfortunately, some new friends that I had not met before brought up the kink scene – not quite a conversation that I’d gotten round to with Dateboy yet – and I was quite effectively outed which was both hilarious and cringeworthy at the same time. At the end of the evening I invited him back and was pretty saddened when he changed his mind at the last minute, pecked me on the cheek and left homewards. Thinking it was the kink talk that had frightened him off I sent a message to apologise only to discover that he’d stayed away because he’d been paranoid about not having showered since 5am! Another evening of frustration for me!

He came to visit a week later after spending the day sending me really rather steamy texts but was so exhausted from his crazy shift patterns that the goods were all a little disappointing. Slot A goes into slot B etc. That’s forgivable, however his choice of pillow talk is not. Post-coitus and with his cum still in my hair, I am treated to a blow-by-blow account of the various women that are throwing themselves at him currently, and how he’s struggling to co-ordinate the goodies.

There are a few possible reasons for this development: he could be trying to make me jealous, though I’m not sure for what purpose; he could be trying to establish distance, especially if he’s paranoid that I don’t mean it when I say I don’t want a boyfriend; or he could just be incredibly insensitive. Sadly the latter seems the most likely which is a shame, as if he becomes a repeat offender on that front I’mgoing to find it hard to enjoy his company.

He came to the quiz again this week and again I went home alone. Well, I would have, but I got sidetracked and didn’t actually make it home. More on that later, my point still stands, Dateboy was not interested in the contents of my rather splendid outfit and actually spent quite a bit of time admiring my friend’s cleavage. Classy. To be frank, I’m getting a little tired of the mixed messages this boy sends out. The constant text messages are actually absorbing a fair bit of energy and there’s very little return on this investment, sex-wise, which is pretty much what I’m in it for. Perhaps he enjoys being chased more than he does actually cashing in the spoils?

Whatever it is, I’m definatley starting to withdraw my level of effort. He obviously has enough tail chasing him and I certainly don’t want to be just another stroke to his ego – I have my own to think about!

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