So I’m currently sat naked awaiting to be instructed to put on a corset and stockings and nothing else before blindfolding myself and prostrating my body on my bed. There are keys to my front door under the flowerpot outside and a man that I met online a couple of days ago is driving down the motorway towards me. I am to wear earphones blasting music so that I am unaware of when he has arrived.

I won’t know he’s there until he wants me to. I won’t know how long I’m on my own and how long I’m being observed for in my vulnerable and needy state. This man has been controlling my orgasms for the past few days and has a deliciously close-to-the-bone approach to my shyness and submission. He’s fucking with my head and making me scared and I’m loving it!

I’ve left it as in the air as I can, for the thrill, but don’t worry dear reader, I have a safe call organised. I like to be reckless, but not stupid!

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