Innocent bystander caught near woman scorn’d.

Within days of splitting with Drake I had my incredibly disappointing encounter with Dave (see earlier post: A Character) and coupled with some additional let-downs I was left carrying a not insignificant about of bile. I wrote at length in my notebook about how I was going to wreak some revenge upon mankind, right at least some of the wrongs it has done to me.

The recurring theme of these writings was to make someone fall in love with me, in order to break their heart. And a candidate is starting to show himself…

Mike turned up on my doorstep at 3am and kept me up til 5am on Friday night, which was mildly annoying, especially as I had work the next day. Interesting though, that he had gone to a fetish night, spent the entire evening in the company of my friends (whom he barely knew), bought a pizza with my topping choices in mind, and then made his way to me. He also let slip that after hearing me tell someone else how much I wanted to see a certain show he’d been trying in vain to get me one of the sold-out tickets.

This strikes me as the behaviour of someone who could easily become a lot more attached to me. Now I just have to work out: a) if I really want to go ahead with such a horrible and mean plan; and b) what’s the best way to reel him in fully.

Mike is lovely, but annoying in some ways too. (Not least of which is turning up unannounced at 3am!) Though he’s going to be tricky to coerce into love. It’s a good opportunity practice getting what I want again!

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